This is my OSS coding page - most of the things I code are either on Sourceforge or google code. Things like:

  • git - My GIT repository

  • Bulos - Builder of Utility linux OS's

  • Minifed - Minifed was a fine example of where bulos started (shell script -> kde application -> web application)

  • Dirty Queue - I was looking for something that could do msg queue'ing between systems much like jms/mq series/etc, and built this, then abandoned it

    And those are the main ones, if i look in my svn tree, its massive and perhaps one day i'll just dump my svn tree somewhere public and let people have a rip at it. For now though its almost a history of my coding/nerd life. Those projects above aren't the only ones i've work on...

  • DBHammer was quite popular for a while (existed prior to so it didn't get shoved up there)...